Where there issues with Clean Up.....

Don’t remember cleanup issues, but do remember some problems with backup; which I think were fixed.
As far as I can tell, no problems in N6.


Project Cleanup never worked at all in N5 for me. It never finds a single unreferenced file.
I had to keep N4 installed just for this.

yes…me too…and I thought it was Fredo who reported it to the developers for us way back when Nuendo 5 came out… two forums or so ago.


Desperately trying to cleanup my projects folders too… What a mess ! Should Steinberg offer some refund to buy 100To HD ??

A weird thing happened to me today - Cleanup in 5.5.5 actually worked!!!

Hi Neil,
did you do anything different? To get it to work?


Not that I am aware of, no.
I just tried it without really thinking as I had created a whole bunch of edits that were frozen in on “Prepare Archive”
(a stack of 5.1 mixes that had horrendous DC offset) and without thinking about it I closed the project & hit the “cleanup” - and up they all came!!!

let me try too.

I have been a dunce - there IS a difference between this system and the old one…
Cleanup refused point-blank to work at all on my XP system, where N5 was officially “unsupported” from memory, and that system had N3, N4 and Uncle Tom Cobley & all installed on it.
My new W7 setup has never gone below N5 - I wonder if this makes the difference?

It shouldn’t, of course, but maybe it does?

hmmmmm…I wonder

Cleanup still not working here, Nuendo 5.5.5

What a mess,I’m just filling my backup HDs more than I should.

Could we have some feedback from Steinberg, is it a bug, is it related somewhere ???

Still nothing about ??

Same here since Nuendo 5.
Ongoing problems with “prepare archive” and “save backup into new folder”.

Last cleanup-issue 20 minutes ago.

yes it has been completely broken throughout the Nuendo 5 cycle… very disappointing to say the least… hopefully it is fixed in Nuendo 6…

I keep Nuendo 4 installed for that sole purpose.

I’m doing the same… Cleanup with N4.

I unfortunately cannot open and cleanup N5 sessions in N4 after mixing, because

a) the surround panner doesn’t exist there

b) incompatibility of file- and marker-names concerning the unicode-reprogramming

So I’m copying complete project-folders on OS

Hi Domilik, are we talking about the same thing? I think panners don’t have anything to see with cleanup feature. What do you mean by file/marker names? Cleanup is only scanning unused files in a project folder and wipes them, nothing else.

Yesterday I attempted to cleanup a folder with a few hundred GB from Kennedy Center. When it didn’t do anything I deleted all the .bak files then opened each project in the folder to confirm at least some of the files were truly unreferenced. Still nothing, 256 files were unreferenced but cleanup doesn’t find them. Used to work, don’t know what happened.

When last did you get it to work?

It was broken for the entire Nuendo 5 cycle.
Last time it worked was in Nuendo 4.