Where to add title, subtitle, composer and arranger?

Where can I add all things like title, subtitle, composer etc? I can’t find them.

Project Info in the File menu (or the equivalent on Macs - is that the Dorico menu?, I use Windows…)

Ah…thanks (don’t see the option :slight_smile:)

I added the composer and arranger info in the “Project Info” section but I only see the composer showing up as text in the manuscript. How do I also get the arranger’s name to display below the composer’s name?

You can look at your master pages in engrave mode. If you don’t need a lyricist box just right click in it and change it to arranger from the dropdown menu then position it where you want it. That’s what I do. If you need the lyricist box then create a new one and right click in it and choose arranger from the dropdown

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