Where to add title, subtitle, composer and arranger?

Where can I add all things like title, subtitle, composer etc? I can’t find them.

Project Info in the File menu (or the equivalent on Macs - is that the Dorico menu?, I use Windows…)

Ah…thanks (don’t see the option :slight_smile:)

I added the composer and arranger info in the “Project Info” section but I only see the composer showing up as text in the manuscript. How do I also get the arranger’s name to display below the composer’s name?

You can look at your master pages in engrave mode. If you don’t need a lyricist box just right click in it and change it to arranger from the dropdown menu then position it where you want it. That’s what I do. If you need the lyricist box then create a new one and right click in it and choose arranger from the dropdown

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It would be nice, if the default Masterpages in Dorico would contain a subtitle field out of the box.

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Thanks. I just got Dorico about a week ago and hadn’t figured out what Master Pages was for yet. I don’t see “arranger” in the drop down menu but this definitely helps. I figured out how to make it work for what I need to get printed today. Much appreciated!

There are two options: Project Info > Arranger or Flow Info > Arranger. You can set all those fields in Project info for the project as a whole and each flow independently, e.g. if you were working on an anthology with different composers/arrangers for each flow.

I’ve read through this and several other threads on how to solve what I’m sure is a simple problem: How to get the arranger’s name to display under the composer’s name on the full score. I can’t figure out how to add the proper token {projectArranger} in the text box on the Master Page. Can someone tell what obvious step I’m missing? Thanks! This chart needs to be submitted in a couple of hours and it’s all done but this detail. I had assumed that if the information was entered in Project Info (and copied into Flow Info), it would magically show up. Clearly I’ve missed something along the way.

Maybe you just mistyped, But I believe the token needs to be:

{@projectArranger@} - I don’t see the ampersands in your comment - maybe they are there.

Otherwise, check the master page and make sure the frame is tall enough to fit both the composer and arranger?

Also, check that there isn’t a page over ride that may be stopping things from showing up as you expect?

Thanks! Almost there…
Yes, I mistyped the token. However, I hadn’t thought to drag the handles on the text box to make room for the new line {@projectArranger@}. I also think I see that if I want the text by the arranger’s name to be preceded by “Arranged by” I need to add that text in the Master Page (First Page).
What I’m clear about is where the information used by the tokens is being found. If I just have the Composer, Lyricist, and Arranger in Project Info, I don’t see it when I go into Print mode. However, if I’ve copied it into the Flow in the Project Info interface, it shows up. Does that mean it’s always necessary to have the info in both the Project and Flow data fields even if the piece has only one flow (which is the case in my situation)?

The information you add to Project Info will only appear on pages if there’s a token that refers to it somewhere on a page (whether that token comes from a master page/page template or was added directly to a page as a page override).

You can right-click when inside a text frame (ie when the text cursor is blinking) to access a context menu of tokens, if you don’t want to type them out manually.

For the “Arranged by” bit, you can either add that text manually to the text frame before the arranger token, or include “Arranged by” in the corresponding field in Project Info: it depends on whether you always want the arranger to appear with the “Arranged by” text, or if you sometimes want the name on its own.

I don’t think so. If you are using the {@projectArranger@} token in the music frame, and have entered the info in the Project Info box, it should show up.

The confusing thing for me when I first started, is you can set different info in the Project Info box. You can click on the pane to the left to switch which info is included. So double check that you are inputing your info in the Project tab and not the Flow tab?

If you are using the {@flowArranger@} token, then it will pull from the flow pane.

I double clicked the “lyricist” box in the “First” master page and a drop-down appears but “Arranger” is not in the drop down list. Where is it? Actually I would like to add a new box on the right below “Composer” for Arranger. How do I do this?

It is in the submenu for both Product Information and Flow Information.

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First make sure you’re editing the First page template, and not directly editing page 1 - otherwise you’ll end up with a local page override, which only appears in one layout, meaning every other score/part won’t have the arranger.

You can either add it in the same text frame as contains the composer (and resize that frame if needed) or draw in a new text frame. Totally up to you.

You can draw in, resize, and move frames when the Frames icon is selected in the Engrave toolbox on the left of the window - it’s the button that looks like a box with little squares around the edge.

This Discover Dorico session might be helpful to watch at some point, too: