where to buy Cubase 5 upgrade

Hi I am in a quandry.
I have Cubase 4 and need to upgrade. My system will support Cubase 5 but not Cubase 6 but I can’t find where to buy Cubase 5 anywhere.
Help !

What OS? C6 can run on XP you know.

Hi Split, Many thanks for your reply…a ray of hope :slight_smile:
No … … I did not know that
The system I am getting is older 2008 IMAC 10,8 currently on OS 10.5 I am assuming I will be able to upgrade that to 10.6 …
Can U run C6 on either OS 10.5 and or 10.6 ? That C6 can run on XP That is GREAT news !!! Somehow from what I have been reading online I thought that C6 is only supported on 10.7 and Windows 7 .
Plus I thought that you can only run Windows 7 on Lion OSX 10.7 and not XP…Right ? Wrong ? …
Are you running or do know of people running C6 on XP …
If yes , do you know are there any issues to be aware of ? Like
1… FW card chipset issues The IMAC has a Lucent OCHI chipset ( doesn’t say what number )
2… The system has a FW 400 and FW 800 ports and I am planning to use the FW 400 port as my Motif XS and my external hard drives are on FW400 ?
I look forward to your reply,



That is correct.

Read through the forum, there´s even a search function…

I run C6 on XP and Win 7 both work great.

Don’t know much about macs though.

The fact is that C6 will run on XP and Vista but SB will only support you on W7. There is plenty of help here on the forum if you run into issues. And yes, you read that here in “this” thread! :slight_smile:

Hi Anyone…is it possible to download an MP3 and play it inside a track inside Cubase 4 and then record another WAV file track with it and then combine them again as an MP3 to upload again If it is how do I do it ? Hopefully yours,