Where to Buy MR816 CSX / MR816 X?

When I go to the buy now page for the MR816 Firewire Interfaces, I get a page not found. When I search for a place to purchase online, there are very few options, and some of the larger stores (Sweetwater for example) have discontinued selling these devices. Anyone with more information on how to purchase one of these, and most importantly, if they are still supported and without known manufacturing or design flaws, please let me know. Also, anyone who can give an honest assessment of these devices as compared to the Focustrite Pro 40 would be greatly appreciated. I am using an iMac with Cubase Elements 6. My current hardware is a ten year old PreSonus Firepod. With the exception of some noisy pots (could probably be fixed with a good cleaning), this unit still works well but I am considering an upgrade. My first choice would be one of the UA Thunderbolt interfaces, but these are way out of my budget.

I would look at the UR824 as the replacement for the MR series. It has an extra ADAT port on it as well for added I/O via another pre or interface. The Ur824 has the same guts as the MR series, only diff is the FW verses USB thing.

My buddy just got the Focusrite Saphire 18i20 which is the USB version of the Saphire Pro 40. Both the Focusrite and the Steinberg units sounds fine to me. I would say the Steinberg boxes have a clearer top end IMO. I could get it done with either to be honest.

I use the MR here and am concerned about support being dropped for it. I would like to have the UR824 here myself

The X (but not the CSX) is still available at the Steinberg shop:

Well, the truth is that there are many things (price being ine important) that differs. I suggest that you download the manuals and check them out. I did and I found that the MR suited me better.

I was too, so I checked with the Steinberg subbort before buying mine. They assured me that, even if it has been discontinued (i.e. no longer being manufactured), support for it (drivers, etc.) will continue.

Steinys shop says its unavailable

$150 more for the current version UR824 isnt bad over the MR. I think Ive had my MR since 2009 here? No issues yet. Drivers are not updated very often though. If you have to have FW then the choice is easy. Ive been more than happy with mine here

Bad luck, I guess. :frowning: It was there when I checked, three days ago. Well, I guess I should be happy that I managed to get one, before they ran out. :smiley:

there are some new left on ebay,unless they are rusty waiting years for buyers :laughing:

Thank you all for the responses and info. Unfortunately, I am not getting notified via email when responses are posted. Any thoughts on why? I’ve checked all of my settings and I am supposed to be getting email notifications. These posts all have the notify me box checked as well. Oh yea, when I go to recording bundles on the Steinberg page, there is a big red exlmation point saying that these products are not available in my country. No worries, I have been looking at the UAD Apollo and some other devices like the Focusrite Safire Pro. Any thoughts on the Apollo? I know it’s really expensive but the onboard processing and plugins are really great. Also, any thoughts on upgrading to the latest version of Cubase? I’m using Elements 6 now and I’m considering Elements 7.5 or Artist 8. Thanks!

Using Apollo at work and an 816CSX at home.

Apollo is very good but before you get all excited about the plug ins remember you have to buy them! And they are not cheap…

Might not be an issue for you, but something to consider.

I got the Apollo duo and it came with a bunch of bundled plugins and some more promotional, buy by certain date, plugins. I’ve got a lot to learn but so far, it’s pretty incredible! Also got a killer mic from SE electronics and upgraded to the latest Cubase Artist version. Well worth the money. I Now have a killer system that is pretty expandable too.