Where to copy old Groove Agent ONE presets for use by GA SE?

Evening all.

I’m running C8.5 with Groove Agent SE. I’ve got a lot of old C5 projects that use Groove Agent ONE, with presets I’d created myself. I downloaded and installed the old Groove Agent ONE so I can work on those old projects but I’m a bit confused about the presets issue.

I have all those old presets saved as .vstpresets. I just don’t know where to copy them to?

Ideally I’d like them available to both GA ONE and GA SE (as well as their respective factory presets of course), that way I can crack on and work on my old projects using GA ONE, but as I become more familiar with GA SE I can faze out using GA ONE.



Follow this article, please.

Thanks Martin,

That link is just about how to install GA ONE on new versions. I’ve already done that. I need to know where to copy my old presets.


Tóry this. Instead or HALion One use Groove Agent One.

Hope this will work.

Hi Martin,

That didn’t work either (no ‘VST Presets’ folder in the ‘ProgramData’ folder…)


I’ve solved the problem. Here’s how for anyone else with the same issue:

1: Open up Cubase and Groove Agent SE. Load up a factory kit (any kit)
2: Click on the ‘save preset’ button. Rename it to something unique, say ‘bunchofballbags’
3: Close Cubase. Do a search on your PC for ‘bunchofballbags’ - hey presto, there’s the folder.
4: Copy and paste your old presets into that folder.