Where to download Cubase 12 Pro for eligible grace period?

Hi all,

I can not figure out, where I can download the Cubase 12 Pro version to upgrade my CB11 Pro.
in the Elicencer it acknowledges the fact of eligibility but I cannot find a download for it in the manager software. What am I doing wrong?


What is warrenty service? How/where to address this Orlando ?

Using the Steinberg Download Assisant

I find no upgrade download for going from CB 11 Pro to 12 Pro there.
When I downloaded the regular CB 12 Pro during install a message tells me, that I can not install it.
On the other hand eLicenser tell me I have a CB 12 Pro upgrade eligibility!

I am totally at a loss here with this conflicting information.

Any more helpful insights here from anyone?

Thanks for your help!