where to download cubase 7.5 64bit for mac?

When i try to install the complete cubase 7.5 downloadable edition for my iMac (with the download from the link below), it seems to only install the 32bit version. Where can i get the 64bit version for mac? or am i missing something? Kinda confused about this

Cant find it in the downloads from the link below

Martin Ekberg Ljungstrøm

I think it is the same installer (in windows the installer is the same for 32 and 64 bits). Did you tried to install it?

yeah i got the download, and installed it. But it seems i can’t choose between 32 or 64bit. Like it’s automatically just choosing the 32 version… There might be some way within the installer, where to choose it. But i can’t find it at all.


This link showed how to do it. Now it’s running perfectly in 64bit :smiley:.
Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes. I was going to post the same info. I’m glad you now can run it in 64 bits.