Where to download Cubase AI or LE

I’ m looking for a way to get the LE 4 on Windows 10, on my new laptop which doesn’t have a dvd rom, so I can not run in this device the CD that came long ago with my Lexicon Ωmegα.
Can you help me?

Thank you in advance

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Hi I bought the CI2 second hand, I have the AI5 disc and have installed it along with the most recent drivers. I have a mysteinberg account and have Cubase LE8 installed on my laptop. I cannot find the registration code to install Cubase AI5 to have full functionality of the CI2. Is there a way for me to do this or am I hooped with a controller that does not have full functionality with Cubase LE8?

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Doesn’t LE8 have all the features you need to use the CI2 ?

drivers etc are here

What functionality to you think you are missing ?

Hi Doc, The AI knob isn’t responding and the green LED light indicating AI isn’t on. How do I configure it to work?

Hey Doc, Does the AI knob for the CI2 work with Cubase LE8? Is it supposed to?

The guitar/mic inputs work when I connect to USB but the AI knob/advanced integration controls do not.

Not sure if it was asked here already: Cubase Ai 11 is out, I got my license with my UR22. So who is in charge to give me answers about an update? Isn’t it Yamaha / Steinberg?


Steinberg can you provide an information about the updates.

If I upgraded to Cubase elements 11, would the AI knob for the CI2 work then?


You can download Cubase Elements 11 Trial and try it at your system.

Btw, this is off topic.

I have cubase AI 5 license and registered but I cant found download link at mypage.
Could you send me the cubase ai 5 download link?\


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Not really off topic Martin, considering I had the dedicated Cubase LE8 software and there really isn’t any info about compatibility with Steinberg CI2 hardware after Cubase AI6 anywhere on the internet.

BTW, I bit the bullet and paid $75 to upgrade to Cubase 11 Elements/AI/LE software and thankfully the AI LED on the CI2 lit up giving me functionality with the AI knob.

Unfortunately it seems that this was the only way to receive AI functionality on the CI2 because even though I had the software disc for AI5 I did not have the card with the code on it —> AI 5 disc = USELESS!!!

Lesson!!! Be careful when you buy used CI series Advanced integrated hardware, without the initial information code you will need to pay an additional $150 if you need to buy the newest Cubase elements outright or if you have dedicated LE software you can upgrade for $75.

I also have a Cubase LE4 license, a need to install it and no CD.
This is for a new old computer without internet access, so a non-online stand alone installation would be appreciated.
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Dzień dobry
Kilka lat temu kupiłem Lexicona Alpha z Cubase LE .
Straciłem CD z Cubase LE . Gdzie mogę pobrać ten program?

I have cubase AI 5 license and registered but I cant found download link at mypage.
Could you send me the cubase ai 5 download link?

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Sorry, this is an English forum.

What version of Cubase LE do you have license for, please? Is it Cubase LE 5?

Hi, yes Cubase LE 5