Where to download [Solved]

Hi, I have reformatted my computer and I have a license for both LE4 and for CB6 Elements.
I was thinking the installation files would be available under my steinberg, bu I can´t find them there… Where can I download the installation files from?

Can’t, you need to use the disks.

That is just wrong as I never got a disk, the product was a digital download to begin with.

You should have a disk for LE 4, right?

For Elements 6 you could download the trial version through your MySteinberg account.

Have you submitted an official support request?

Thanks for your suggestion to download thd trail version, i didnt even think about that. I downloaded it and activated my license trough e-licenser and it worked fine :slight_smile:
Thank you.

I’m glad it worked. You remembered to backup the installer this time? :wink: