Where to find Cubase 10.0.20?

Since the new update has a metronome output issue I’m not able to use Cubase 10.0.30. Could anyone please tell me where I can get the previous one? Failed to find it myself.

Thank you!

If Windows, you can just roll back the 10.0.30 update, much quicker than reinstalling from scratch.
Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> View installed updates
It’s listed under “Steinberg Cubase 10”

What “…metronome output issue”?

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Mac only issue.

Thanks. :wink:

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Yotz! Why Steinberg removes (do they?) the previous version when they release a new poorly tested one?
May be I was stupid myself when accidentally deleted the dmg of 10.0.20 but I’ve never expected such a bug with something that worked just fine. So I decided not to download it.
Metronome is the essential thing in my work but I’m not able to listen to it three sessions a day. I route it only to musicians. And now it is not possible. :open_mouth:
Still, is there any “secret” place on Steinberg web page where they keep previous versions?

Thank you!

At least there is a workaround provided for the metronome issue in the link JeeTee provided above.

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Only Steinbug can screw up a perfectly working metronome with an update, unreal

Hit up support and they should provide you with a link. For some asinine reason they like to hide the products we have paid for

Thank you! Will try the support way. But we all know how long it will take to get any reply from them. :slight_smile: