Where to find Cubase and Halion license agreements

I can’t find any document about the license agreements regarding the sample content of Halion One, HalionSonic SE, Groove Agent One, the included loops in mediabay, and Halion 3 content.

Please, where can I find those documents? I need to know exactly what can and can’t do with the samples. Some libraries of other companies are very restrictive.


AFAIK ALL of the VST library is yours to do with creatively as you wish, for profit or not, so long as you don’t try to reverse engineer or pirate their stuff… at the end of the day it’s marketed and sold as a workstation synth like any other out there…

Hello doremifasol,

Basically you can do anything with the VSTi’s as if they were real instruments. But you are not allowed to sample them and create your own VSTi’s.

What do you plan to do specifically?

Thanks for the answers. I need to know if I can sample several instruments to put them into a console game, or musical application for a game console.

I have been making music for for videogames since late eighties. Years ago doing that wasn’t a problem at all, but lately I’ve encountered some extremely restrictive licenses, which make the products totally unusable for my work.

The only way of making a soundtrack on certain game consoles is to sample the instruments and make them occupy the less amount of memory possible. Same about musical applications. I know it’s a delicate subject, not usually covered in the license agreements (the objective of sampling is not to re-sell the samples again as a new product), but I must know what exactly I can and cannot do within this context.


I see your problem now… interesting dilema, PITA for you though unfortunately :frowning:

Hello dorremifasol,

Unfortunately we do not allow that officially.

Thanks for the clarification.