Where to find previous Cubase full instillation files?

I’m having a couple of inconsistency issues opening older C9 projects in C9.5, so I’m wanting to install C9 again and troubleshoot.

Does anyone know where I can find the Cubase 9 full instillation files?

Thanks in advance,


Have you looked in the download area of you MySteinberg account? It might be available there. I’m not 100% sure about that though because my account only lists CB8.5 and CB9.5 in the download section. So I’m not sure why it does not list CB9.0 as I did upgrade through that version.

Regards :sunglasses:

…yes, the download section of MySteinberg seems to be a bit random for download options.

I have Pro 8 and 9.5 listed for download even though I did go via 8.5 and 9. With Elements I have both 8 and 9 listed.

Downloads page only ever has my recent upgade ie. C9.5, unfortunately.

I think I started on C6? So technically there should be multiple versions.


If not in your downloads area then you’ll need to contact support and ask for the complete download, I’m afraid.