where to find Slur-relative position of Ornaments


I am trying to find the setting for Slur-relative position of Ornaments in the Engraving Options.
Like these down in the panel:

Any help welcome.
Slur-relative position.png

You mean, in the Playing techniques editor?
[Edit] Sorry, I totally misunderstood the question…

There is no corresponding Engraving Option for that property.

Thank you Daniel - that is, why I couldn’t find it :grinning::mag_right:

Daniel, will there be an option to position ornaments (and playing techniques) either inside or outside slurs?
At the moment, Dorico is placing things that clearly should be inside slurs outside, and it doesn’t look great. Obviously it’s tweakable within engrave mode, but it feels as though this should be an option. It may very well be on the (massive) list, so if we have to wait, that’s fine, but I wanted to see if it was on the agenda.

At the moment it’s not planned as an option, but it would of course be possible to add as an option.

Thank you Daniel, yes I think this would be helpful.

Very best