Where to find the Song End Marker?

Maybe I’m just stupid, but I cannot figure out where to find the markers in VST Live?
I want to set the song end marker to something reasonable, currently all my songs are ~10 minutes long and I don’t find where to change that.
In the Tracks view I can draw a blue line at the top from “L” to “R”, I don’t understand what this does (nothing happens), but it’s not the start and end of the song I can set with that.
I went through the full manual, it does neither explain what this “L-R bar” is about nor where to set the song end marker…
Please help!

You set the cycle (loop) markers (L= left, start of loop, R=right, end of loop). The Cycle (loop) can be activated in the transport panel at the bottom.
Song End Marker is not implemented yet, sorry, will be available soon. As you don’t use cycle obviously, you can use the right cycle marker (“R”) as a Song End marker and use “Cycle End” as Song End action.

What do you mean by that? A Song (Tracks) ends when the last event ends. If you see more, that’s just what the zoom value is set to (w/o events, the default is 15 minutes afaik).