Where to find the upgrade prices

to Dorico 4? I went through the links on the Steinberg Website, but it was always displayed the full price, which can’t be the final question when owning 3.5 , is it? Best gogogllny

Click the updates & upgrades option…

I know that it exists but it is not shown on my Steinberg page…whyever…

do you have a link?

It’s a popup so no link. Just try to buy Dorico 4.0 and you should arrive there!

Try this link.

Thank you and am I wright? is there no version running on OSX 10.13? Thanx

Yes, you’ll need to update to Mojave (10.14) to run Dorico 4.

If you’re on a machine that can’t upgrade beyond 10.13, then that’s over 10 years old: whatever software you use, you’re going to start to see new versions requiring high OS versions, as time goes by.

D4 seems to be worth it!
Thank you all!