Where to get Halion Sonic Trials?

I had Cubase Studio 5
I bought (upgrade) Cubse 7
I bought Absolute VST Instrument Collection - Upgrade for Cubase (Artist) 6.5 or 7 customers (Download)
I install it but…
I don’t have Halion Sonic… instead I still have Halion Sonic SE.
In Readme.pdf file I read “First please install HALion Sonic from the HALion Sonic
Trial installation DVDs included in Cubase 6 (or higher)”
I don’t have it in my downloaded installation.
What can I do?Where to get Halion Sonic Trials?


Aloha d,

I don’t think there is one. I have totally scoured the
MySteinberg site and I can not find a ‘trial’ version anywhere.

Seems only the on-line demos are there is to
help the customer decide to buy the product or not.

Good luck.

You will only find this demo(serial key and installation files) inside Cubase 6 or 7 package (I have it here). I bought the full upgrade from Halion Sonic demo today (50% offer) .But you can contact Steinberg and ask for a ISO file.

Thanks Makumbaria,

I bought the upgrade today too, and forgot where to find the Trial version. I poked around the Steinberg site for a while.

Forgot about the trials that came with the 6.x version of Cubase.

Don’t forget to update:


Where did you find it with the Cubase 7 install package? I bought the downloaded version and I don’t see it there…

Actually I used my version from Cubase 6 package ( I bought Cubase 7 as an upgrade from version 6.5). I thought it was the same in Cubase 7 full package, but I’m not 100% sure about it.