Where to insert vst instruments to a midi track in cubase 11

I’m not used to Cubase 11, but I knew my cubase 5 really well, and things have changed.
When I click on a midi track, after I’ve opened a Kontakt instrument in the VST windows rack, when I click on the midi track on the right hand side of the screen, I cannot work out where to find my vst instrument to insert into the track. Sorry if this is such a basic question. Thanks for some help with this.


Steve M.

Track inspector, MIDI output to VSTi input.

If you don’t see the Left Zone where the track inspector lives, click the show_hide_left_zone
icon near the top right corner of the project window that folds it out.

You don’t insert VST instrument to a MIDI track. There needs to be a separate Instrument Track that contains the VST, then you point the MIDI track to the Instrument track, Alternately/also the instrument track can contain MIDI data.

Hi Brian,

thank you for that. Now I can see what I was looking for.

thank you for taking the time to help me with this and link me to the pages you selected in the online manual.


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No problem, here’s a link with more specific information on the MIDI preferences. I edited it in above as well.


Better yet, this one: Import Options

Thanks so much Brian. Very much appreciate your help.

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Oh, the preferences thing, I’ve posted to the wrong thread. Oops.

Hi mhazdra,

thank you for that advice. Much appreciated.


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