Where to put key commands JSON on Mac

Sorry, I promised I searched. This is me struggling with the Mac learning curve.

I know I’m supposed to put my key commands.json in /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5. The problem is… I can’t find it. I’ve gone to Finder, and Users–my username, but there’s no “Library” folder.

Help out a newbie?

In the Finder, Go to menu. Press alt. That library magically appears :wink:
(yes, it’s hidden. Probably to prevent people from doing stuff. But we need to do stuff!)

Sorry, this?

I pressed the Opt key, but nothing’s happening. I haven’t felt this stupid in a while. But I shall persevere.

EDIT: found it, never mind. Thanks.


Useful tip: Command Shift G brings up a dialog where you can type paths, and you can confirm the auto-complete of each segment by pressing TAB.


For the future, this is something I do every time I set up (or re-configure) a Mac:

In Finder open up your home folder (Macintosh HD/Users/username), and once inside your home folder, press CmdJ to see the View Options for that folder (or access it through View > View Options menu).

At the bottom of that window, tick the option to Show Library Folder.

I had missed your switching to Mac, Dan, is it recent?


Amen to that. Mine is configured to show all hidden things… I think I used a terminal command for that but don’t remember which.

Possibly this one:
chflags nohidden ~/Library

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There is also a keyboard command to toggle the visibiilty of (all) hidden files:


Yes, we’re on Day 2. :sunglasses:

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besides all the useful suggestions above, in Finder you can also drag frequently used folders (including the User Library), and drop them to the Favorites section into the Sidebar (on the left) for quick access .