Where to re-download "included" content?

I tried to open the “Teleporter” demo project today to test out my 6.5.3 install.

I saw a lot of “can’t find sample . . .”, “missing content” etc messages for Groove Agent One and Halion Sonic and PadShop.

I checked Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content location and sure enough there seem to be files missing. eg. “Groove Agent ONE 03.vstsound” is present but not 02 or 01.

Over the years, and various versions of Cubase, I have been really frustrated by these “included” instruments and libraries that turn out to either (a) be trial versions that require more money, so I delete them to save space or (b) don’t work because the content mysteriously can’t be found, or, yes, because I accidentally deleted it when removing (a) and/or deliberately deleted it because I never got it working.

I have more disk space now, so I’m ready to give it another try.

It seems that Groove Agent One and Halion Sonic are included in the Cubase 6 licence with no extra money to pay?

So I’d like to get them working.

I don’t have my Cubase 6 disk any more.

The Cubase 6.5 updater download (which I do have) does not seem to include content.

So my question is: where can I obtain a download of the content for the instruments included in Cubase 6?

Does the Cubase 6.5 Trial download include it?

Has anyone had a similar experience and solved it?

All help would be welcome.

thank you

Groove Agent One and Halion Sonic SE (not Halion Sonic) are both included with Cubase 6.

The Cubase 6.5 trial download is a full installer (it includes the instruments).

Yes that worked, thank you!

I downloaded the 2.2Gb Cubase 6.5 trial. installed.and ran the 6.5.3 update.

Now the content is found and the “Teleporter” demo plays correctly.