Where to save cubase files..?

I’m very new to cubase recording, everything seems to be working just fine but I’m having issues with where exactly to save my recordings…
I’'m using new PC 120gb SSD / 2td HD… as far as I know program files are installed on SSD (drive C)…
I started to record today and screen was saying I have 203 hours Rec time left, after recording literally 25 seconds of audio that time reduced to 146 hours…
Also my SSD drive is over half capacity already…!
I’m really not computer literate though I do seem the have the basic grasp of using the Cubase program itself.
Would be most grateful if someone could advise the best way / where to save my projects whilst keeping the Pc running at optimum level.


You can save Cubase project file (and recorded audio data which is much bigger) to any folder. Set the folder in the Sternberg Hub.

You can set the record folder in the project assistant (not the Steinberg Hub). There you can choose any folder you want.

Best check what’s on the c drive to use up that much storage room.
As Martin has said you have to plan you folders etc and then from first off “save as” into the appropriate folder.
For example i have 3 drives. C is for Win 7 and all my software like Cubase. D is for sample libraries. E is for my song/project folders.
Each song/project has its own folder

The default location is C:/Users/%user name%/Documents/Cubase Projects/Cubase 01/…

And there are all your recordings.

I love the way Cubase handles projects and keeps all its sh** in one place.