Where to see which instruments or contents downloaded

Yesterday I activated and started to download Cubase LE which I got from Line 6 amp. I downloaded the app and some of the instruments then I shut down the PC to continue downloading other contents tomorrow because it was late. Today I opened Download Manager and the app was not visible at the “Redeemed product”. The app is downloaded and activated on my PC. However, I don’t remember which instruments and contents I didn’t download. Is there a way to see it or it necessary to see it? Sorry, it is kinda stupid but the activation and downloading of this type of products are a total pain for me so I don’t want to reinstall it :slight_smile:

Hi metehaun, welcome to the forum

you look at the download location you have set in the Download Manager and you should be able to see what you downloaded. Yes I agree it’s a bit silly that it doesn’t tell you

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Thanks. Now, folders of instruments and contents have been created and downloaded but not completely. I mean I compared the sizes of folders to the sizes at the download manager and they are not the same. I guess I shut down the pc while they are downloading. Should I delete those folders and download them again or would it be fine if I just click download without deleting?

I think you can just download ‘over the top’ - try one to check

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4 of them worked but others give this error. I am going to delete them from the source manually hope it works.
Screenshot 2021-01-17 133149
Thanks for your help. Please consider improving these actions and making it easier. I see so many people having issues just from downloading, activating, etc.

Edit: Deleting and downloading again worked for me. :slight_smile: