Where to sell my 10.5 Pro e-licenser?

I am in the US - a longtime Cubase user. I have been trying to sell my 10.5 Pro license. I have already put it on a separate e-licenser to sell. Where is a good place to sell? I’ve had it on Reverb for a bit and haven’t had many views, even with Bump enabled. I priced it at 399 US.

anyway, i’ve taken the Reverb sale down. Do you wise ones have suggestions where else can I sell my license?

Not sure there is much of a market for back-versions of Cubase out there.

Maybe update it to C11 and sell that. Or even update now but don’t register until C11.5 is announced and then sell it as 11.5?

That might be part of the problem, considering you can currently purchase Cubase Artist 11 with a free upgrade to Pro 11 for $337.98 (USD). That even includes the cost of the USB-eLicenser.

Just sayin’, you know … :wink:

Buy Artist – Get Pro: Save 40% on Cubase 11! | Steinberg

From Pro 10.5, to achieve the same license status you would need to purchase the update to Pro 11 for $59.99 (also currently 40% off).

In order to make it worthwhile for a potential buyer, I think you would probably need to get down into the $200ish range.

Thanks guys - that helps! I’ll drop the price or give it to a local friend