Where to share?

So is this area for music posting that we would have normally shared in the Lounge? Can we still share in the Lounge too? A little confused!

It’s a bit like the old “Made with Nuendo” we also had in the old forum. This one should be for music or other stuff you made with Cubase. Everything else goes into the Lounge.

Okay, thanks.

Another issue, there seems to be no way to edit your signature after registering… I’ve been through the control panel, it and the avatar settings are not there… any ideas?

Okay, I found it, but you cannot do any formatting on the signature, that’s a shame. Ed you may want to do a stickie on this! :slight_smile:

There should be a player available where you can submit links to your mp3 / video files which would stream from your sites. You would need to take in cross-domain considerations though. A player and copy / paste link would be so much easier, and put all the music in one place, which would also be nice.

Go to

click on My Steinberg at the top

You’ll see a column on the left and forum is the last link. Click on it and wade through
the section headed Create Account/Edit.

Obviously you will be editing.

I don’t know how I figured this out, but I hope it helps.