Where would be the best place to advertise to sell music?

I am wondering where the best place to advertise for your album is? I am thinking about google adwords(Image ads), but unsure if it workes. I have heard of people making a living selling their music online so it is possible.

I see a fair number of ads in magazines specific to a particular genre, like acoustic folk in Acoustic Guitar magazine, etc. If you have the resources, you could hire a firm to place ads throughout the internet, like this one:


Ads in magazines are expensive. I am thinking more of web based ads. Maybe google image ads or ads in news papers. For a ad in google cost 20-40 dollars pr thousand and for the ad in the news paper here in Norway it costs like 1000 dollars for one day(online) for 1 million views, but the click through rate is very low. I see a lot of artist advertising on news papers here. Not a lot but some. And I am also talking to a reviewer of music too of the same newspaper. But seriously thinking of doing a ad for 1000 dollars just to try it out and see if there is any responce. I have sales on cdbaby. I sell a song every day so it seems like it is sellable. I just wish I could sell 10 songs a day. I know it`s possible. Some people even make a good living doing this.

I’d love to know how they do it! I tried a Facebook Ad campaign once after watching a Webinar that talked about various strategies for promoting music via social networking. It was a pay-per-click thing. You get to select your demographic etc etc. Actually the FB ads are quite comprehensive with a ton of options and performance monitoring tools etc. I ended up with a potential worldwide ad audience of around 66,000,000 based on my selected criteria! :astonished:

Net result after running the ad for 6 weeks was 39 “likes” :confused:

You have to do pay per thousand views. It`s the best for music. I have seen ads in online newspapers for artists with links to spotify and itunes and homepage and also I have seen links that go strait to a facebook music page with a player.

My budget is 1000 dollars pr. month

Gosh, you’d have to be pretty confident that you’d sell a decent amount of music to recover that kind of outlay. I’d be interested to know how it goes if you decide pursue it further. :sunglasses:

Just been listening to some of your tunes. I’d focus a bit more on mixing at the moment and worry about advertising later, the tools included in C6 are more than enough for pro results. Maybe invest in some mixing DVDs; The Alan Parsons series, Mixing Rock, etc. However, the first thing I’d do for marketing is get my own website. That’ll cost you around $60 per year to start with. Keep that up to date with blogs and stuff and any new material you may have. Work on your songs, polish them as much as you can. When you get tired of the songs (and you will), put them to one side for a while and work on something else. You’ll be learning all the time whilst doing this and not likely to screw up so much, it’s all normal. Once the songs are at an acceptable level to you, post em here and at other music forums and get valuable feedback. See what the critics have said and decide what to do based on their critique. Your 1k allowance now comes into play; try places like Taxi for pro feedback, you have to pay but you learn along the way. They constantly advertise for certain genres for TV, Movies, adverts, etc.

Get your CD done, mixed as best you can then send it off for mastering (at least $800 for decent results). Choose a distributor when the mastering is done; CD Baby are quite popular just now but there are others. These people get you onto iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc, etc. You will make money, how much you make depends on the content of course.

I make around $100 per month from my stuff, don’t ask me how, I’ve no idea. The only advertising I did was via the CD Baby launch. Maybe people just like what I do :smiley:

Best of luck :sunglasses:

Yeah, I think you’re in quite a ‘lucrative’ genre. A friend of mines son and his mate do electronic/dub-step kinda stuff and they’re doing exceedingly well out of it. In contrast my music earns pretty much zero. Though I did sell something on Sounclick last month for 50c :laughing:

Generally, I’ve been told instrumental work has a better chance but it does seem that there is a bit of a market (still) for electronic stuff. :sunglasses: Maybe I need to change genres! :smiley:

You owe me 12 bucks, Phil.

:laughing: In the mail, Tony :sunglasses:

I was surprised by it Ian. I thought it had its heyday in the 90s but it seems when it’s stagnating, somebody else comes along and tweaks it some more. It has so many subgenres too, becoming kind of specialised. But that in itself shrinks the market for your music. Ideally, you need music that crosses boundaries. A classic modern example would be Adele. She gets played on pop radio, MOR radio, rock radio and smooth radio stations. That’s a hell of a market. She was shifting 300,000 albums per week in America last year, heaven knows how many worldwide :open_mouth:

Not bad considering worldwide music sales are supposed to be at an all time low. Someone out there is obviously still buying! Speaking of Adele though, I’m TOTALLY sick of hearing that current song of hers! :smiling_imp: No idea what its called but they’re playing it everywhere… and playing it often! I was stood behind someone in the supermarket the other day who was merrily singing along as it was piped through their muzak system - that was an insufferable experience. :laughing: It’s all a bit to ‘whiny’ for me I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

Her(Adeles) music is good, but not special. There are 10,000 people just like her in the world. Who can do more than just sing, but also produce, write and perform. Its all about marketing and creating a image brand. The record companies people work every day all day to get her music into news, radio, TV, films and also advertisements plus top charts like Billboard which are all paid for which costs 200,000dollars to get on. So that said it`s not impossible to sell 300,000 a week with that kind of power behind you. She is not THAT talented. Average.

Well, they’re certainly doing a fine job! :smiley: I can’t get away from that song… its everywhere I go ARGGHHHH! :astonished: