where's all my steiny vst's gone?

Hi, I rarely use an included steiny thingy and the following is one of the reasons why, went to Halion sonic se…no presets, went to padshop, no presets…etc…etc with the others, where the @#$#@! have they gone and how do I get em back? and when/why did they disappear? more concerned about having C7 installed properly than the actual loss of stuff I can get away without using, just as well I don’t use them I suppose, should never have upgraded from 6.5, if I can’t get this sorted I’m going back and staying there…any help much appreciated…cheers, Kevin

Strange, cause the upgrade went flawlessly from 6.5 to 7. I have many gripes against C7, but this kind of issues is not on the list.

So, just a suggestion, if you haven’t done it already : did you try a complete rescan of all the relevent locatons with Mediabay ? I’m not fond of this one, far from it, but sometimes you need to use it for this kind of purpose…

Answer’s in a sticky in one of the sub-forums.

I’ll have a look…never actually seen the media bay as yet so should be fun, I’ll also give the sticky a look if I can find it, thanks for helping, Kevin