Where's Bredo?

Dare I ask, has Bredo been banned :open_mouth: ?


Good riddance! Was so sick of seeing his endless anti-Cubendo posts.

he asked for his account to be deleted and as he has posted in the gearsluts forum :

QUOTE BREDO As the title says .
Though a cowardly behaviour of their Site Admin on the deletion performance, they did what I asked and removed all my posts, activities and deleted my forum account.
But they managed to ban me for life in the same maneuver. Classy

They didn’t even send a confirmation mail, they banned me on IP…

Again, no confirmation other than having to “break” in to the forum to check for my self (they tried to stop me from even reading the forum ).

Well, I got what I wanted in the end. I am 48 years old, don’t wanna act younger and play anonymous “internet games” with faceless jerks who don’t dare to discuss in a mature way even through PM.
No less tell who they are (self proclaimed professionals of… whatever)

I suspect some of the moderators for going undercover with their Xth number of forum names. One lied in the open about my wording to him in a PM, twisting it a 180, and lying to the whole Steinberg forum.
I reported, he stayed, I got banned. Great .

Bloody coward of an site admin didn’t even get back to me when asking how to delete all my posts (the second time).
The first time he only answered patronising and accusing with an attitude, Transcript of that conversation are found in another thread.
Many grownups over there. NOT.

Thanks for listening. I just needed to vent

He even complains when got what he asked for. :laughing:

Good riddance!!

That guy was the worst. I’m pretty sure he will soon get banned on Gearslutz too.

Inbredoing - that’s what you get when cousins marry :astonished:

Yes those who think for themselves and challenge the politically correct Status Quo are the pariah aren’t they?

People like Bredo are what helps keep a balance on social interaction on the Net.

If you support the sanitisation of people like Bredo from the Web then you will live to regret it as one day they will come for you. You only fall within the PC window because people like Bredo define the extremes. Without people like Bredo then you easily start to fall into the extremes.

This is the problem. The boundaries get narrower and narrower as the years pass by. Yesterday’s good little boys are today’s extremists

Sorry, but Bredo was just a jerk looking to start a fight with everybody. Also the king of hypocrites. He blasted me for going off-topic (the irony being that this is supposed to be the sub-forum for off-topic stuff…), when he was doing that all the time and not just here. He started several threads in the Cubase forum just to rant on forum members he didn’t like.

Good call by the Steinberg moderators. This isn’t a political forum.

I thought he was a good guy.

Of course, I’m not easily offended …

Your personal grievances with other people because they don’t conform to your politically correct universe just prove my point.

Learn the difference between Politics and politics.

A healthy community is one where a diverse selection of views and values are allowed to flourish, not just those which resonate with your particular taste.

This is just a sub forum of a Music software company and you have interests in who is and who is not allowed to participate???

Exactly. Some people should learn tolerance.

You don’t have a point. I couldn’t care less about bredo’s views, he was a jerk because he attacked people for the heck of it. And he was a huge hypocrite because he blamed people for things he was doing all the time. Like going off-topic. You want to emulate him? Fine, go right ahead and you will follow him soon.

This is just a sub forum of a Music software company and you have interests in who is and who is not allowed to participate???

This forum has RULES OF CONDUCT. Like every civilized place. If you don’t like them, there’s the door. Don’t let it hit you in the youknowwhat. Incidentally, this is a PRIVATE WEBSITE and the First Amendment doesn’t apply here. Now that’s something you should definitely read and understand.

Some people should learn tolerance

Tolerance doesn’t include tolerating intolerance.

While we’re at it,
what happened to Steve Fogal?
Seems he’s suffered a similar fate.

At least Bredo was’nt boring, I got along with him just fine.

I do, however, kind of understand Steiny wanting to keep the fora ‘on topic’, if you like. Still, Bredo was’nt the only one, it takes two, or more, to tango.


Steve did get a bit racist in a few drunken posts by the looks of it .

Bredo was slipping on a downward spiral , if he had taken a leaf out of his own book then that good old boy would still be here but instead he preached and demanded on other peoples threads, took them completely off topic while he had is own threads running and wanted them all nice and neat !!!

I believe the PUSH to leave will do him some good , bring his head back down to earth or out of his arse again and for all I know one of you lot might be his new creation !!!

Where ever Bredo and Steve are, I hope they are healthy/happy and are making some music.

Sending much Aloha.



is he standing behind Wally?

OK! I’ll bite …

“Naw, that’s Waldo!”

runs for cover

You clearly are no stranger to hypocrisy. Justify all you like, but you are a hypocrite.