Where's Bredo?

Says the person whose only reason to post is to insult me… :unamused:

Doesn’t anyone know how to get along?

Just look at my avatar…


there should be a “memorial forums” for lifetime banned forum members… :smiley:
Well,Bredo maybe we will meet there someday :wink:

It is not in my nature to side either way as my philosophy is “live and let live” and " not in my backyard". Like one of those ying/yang things, but just to point something out, there is logic and historical proof of the above quoted statement. It will become clearly obvious for anyone who makes a study of the changes in Europe of the 1930s and subsequent years.

Politics of the site is up to its owners, rules of conduct are the rules and it is not necessarily a democratic thing. When you click agree, that’s all there is to it … If not goodbye.

I am here to try to learn Cubase and solve things that make my recordings sound like junk. There are more than enough members that just love stirring controversy. I try to skip those posts and move on to things like the mixer. I’ve been lucky, I’ve really met some great people here that have helped move me along the ladder, so to speak



:laughing: “could only be worse in Milwaukee” :laughing: … maybe 2014 is the year to move :arrow_right:

Frank Zappa would probably be proud of that :slight_smile:!


Frank would have made the bass player tune to the piano :wink: