Where's "Bring To Front" in Cubase 6 ?

In placing a short audio clip on top of another in the same track, the one on top plays.
You can, (I thought) bring the layer that sits behind it to the front, which will make it the active one.
But I can’t find the “Bring To Front” selection. How is this accomplished in Cubase 6 ?

Yes, in Cubase 5 there used to be a small triangular widget near the bottom-right of the event.
In Cubase 6, that widget has been moved, so that is now at the bottom center of the event when you hover the mouse over it. But unfortunately (same as in Cubase 5), if there is so much of that event hidden behind another that its center position is itself hidden, then you cannot access that widget directly. Instead, you’d have to select the event that is hiding it, and send that one to the back.
A much easier way is to use a Key Command, for “Move to Front”, and “Move to Back”. Used in conjunction with the Navigate Left and Right keys, it’s very powerful, and quick :wink:.
Alternatively, just open the Lanes for the track, and click directly on the event.

I’ve tried your suggestion. When I hover over the portion you describe, I do not get any choice to “bring to front” or “send to back” or anything at all. I’ve looked on both audio clips that overlap. I’ve looked in the center. You say the CENTER of the event?

Bottom-center. Even if the event is mostly hidden, you should see at least a black or grey rectangle widget in the bottom corner, surely (for dragging the event start/end)? If the event isn’t partially hidden, you should, at the same time, see a similar widget in the other corner, and this black, triangular widget at the bottom center. (additionally, if the audio events are directly in the Project window, rather than enclosed in Audio Parts, you should also see white widgets, placed similarly at the top of the event (fade handles in the top corners, and level trim at the top-center).
When you click on the bottom-center widget, it displays a pop-up of the available audio events (same as in Cubase 5). Click on the one that you wish to bring to the front.
Anyways, the other two options I suggested should be self-explanatory :wink:

You have to enlarge the track height enough to see this: Move cursor on part that is most to front. In the center of the part appears a little arrow at the undersite. Move cursor on the arrow. Pointer changes to hand. Click. A small popup menu appears where you can choose the part to bring to front.
But I think it’s not practical to work this way because:
1: with a long part the center is not always on the screen;
2. when a part is more than half behind another part the center arrow doesn’t show up either;
3. With small track heights the arrow doesn’t show up either, and you really have to search for the right place for the pointer to change in hand.
I think the keycommands tip mentioned above works easier.

When I need to select events, in C6 I just open the track lanes in the same way when I need to select events after cycle recording.
Then I select the events to bring to front and/or rearrange durations.

good to know. :slight_smile:

[/quote]Bring To Front is on a “pulldown” meny, the triangle on the middle bottom of the “stack” of events.[/quote]

I know, but prefer “to view” what I’m going to “bring to front” and resize. Sometime prefer to use the triangle on the event…