where's it gone?

I updated my dongle and authorised cubase 10 on my laptop then put my dongle in my music computer…now, when i try to open cubase it says no valid licence found and in my elicencer it says unknown application…my music computer cannot go on the net…so what now?
any help appreciated…thanks,
actually can’t even open 8.5 also!

You need to update the eLicence manager for which you need to be connected to the internet.

oh…thanks for the reply…so it’s not poss to keep your studio puter off the net then?

You can try downloading the latest Version of the eLCC. Or do as promised Long time, and finally switch to S1 completely…

This is very unusual as the Cubase 10 installation should of course come with an eLicenser Control Center that is ready for Cubase 10. Anyway in those cases updating the eLCC separately might help indeed. Or switching the USB-port if that’s possible.


Using both my friend!! find something else to knaw on…LOL

oh …interesting, I haven’t actually installed 10 yet, still downloading it, I tried to open 8.5 and was met with no licence found unknown application etc so assumed that would apply to 10, so presumably when I install 10 it…as you say, will have the correct watsit in the elicencer…thanks for that my friend…but then again…why wouldn’t 8.5 open? curiouser and curiouser :slight_smile:

An old version of eLCC doesn’t know what a Cubase 10 license is so it doesn’t know what to make of it.

What jaslan wrote… you could also just run a license database update in the eLicenser Control Center. That would also add the Cubase 10 license to the database.

Ok guys…thanks for the input… :slight_smile: