Wheres loopmash gone in v6???

Hi Guys,

A quick brain pick if i may.

I recently upgraded from N 5.5 + NEK to N 6 + NEK

In order to get my 3rd party plugs to work, i had to copy them from the 5.5 folder to the 6 folder.

When i opened an old project, Groove agent wasn’t there and neither was loop mash, so i went into the VST3 folder in 5.5 and copied them to the vst3 folder in 6.

Viola, they the appeared in the VST instruments list. Groove agent loaded fine, but loop mash would not. If i was on a VST instrument track, it would act as if it had loaded and give me the track named loop mash, but the instrument was not on the track.

If i loaded it into the vst instrument rack, basically nothing happens and the rack stays blank.

Does anyone know why this may be?



I had a similar situation. The only thing I remember occurring was that my installation had a hiccup. My fix came by way of redownloading and reinstalling N6.