Where's my Variaudio?

I have Cubase 5 - purchased in Feb. of 2010.
This is the first time I’ve needed to use the “Pitch Correction” or “Auto Tune”.
After researching Variaudio and loving the whole idea of it - I can’t find it in my version of Cubase - What’s have I done wrong?
When I click on an audio file to edit it - there is no option on the left to choose Variaudio - it only has these choices:


Is Variaudio an add-on that I have to download later?
Can someone tell me how to get that feature working in my Cubase 5?

There should be no extra steps to install it.
Do you have the latest update?
I have 5.5.2 and when I open a file in the sample editor, Variaudio shows up on the left 3rd down between “audiowarp” and “hitpoints”.

If you really use Cubase 5 right click in the sample editor inspector and customize view to show the variaudio tab. For further info check the manual.

it is under pitch and warp…but you need to read the manual to learn how to use it.

I had no idea that was a view preference.

I’ve downloaded the 5.5.2 update and installed it and I still don’t have Variaudio showing up in my list of tabs in the wav editor.
A thought occurred to me - is Variaudio a feature that’s only available on 64 bit systems?
I’m running Windows XP 32 bit - wondering if that’s the problem…

It took so long to install everything on this machine - Komplete…samples…programs…
The system runs great and it’s not the cost of upgrading but the hassle -
Any thoughts anyone?

I think I just found out why Variaudio is missing…

I have Cubase Studio 5

It’s not included.
So bummed.

It´s really great, when people can read what´s written on the package. Can save other people´s time…

This is an old thread, but I thought I’d give it a try. Hey thinkingcap! Your post was unwarranted and useless.

Ok, you do have Variaudio in Cubase 5. It appears in Audio Tracks. NOT VST/Midi tracks.

I hope you (and thinkingcap) gets this post.



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Ok, If you think, your post was useful, (read again…) - great

His first post says he has Cubase 5. Here’s another chance for you to be a smart ass.

OK, Mr. Useful. As I wrote already, try with reading the thread again - possibly more than only the first post…
greets - Mr smart ass :wink:

I have owned Cubase 4 for two years and have recently bought Cubase 6 upgrade from 4 and 5. I cannot locate the Variaudio option but it states on the upgrade package that it is included as a key feature. I am fully aware that Cubase 4 did not have the Variaudio ability but i thought it would be included with this upgrade. Have I missed something out when installing the upgrade or is it not possible to jump from 4 to 6 without going through Cubase 5 first?

It is possible.
If the above posts don´t help you: You also got a manual with your C6 Chapter “The sample editor” - “VariAudio” even with images…

Thanks for your reply. unfortunately the manual seems to assume the option is on the screeen as do the pictures. On my version the tab just isn’t there at all…?

Right click in the sample editor inspector.

Sorry to be a pain but when i click on an audio file and bring up sample editor inspector to the left i have a box with five tabs, definition, audio warp, hit points, range and process.
To the right of those tabs is the sample and if i right click in there my choices are: range selection, zoom, draw, play, scrub, timewarp, then below those: edit, select, advanced quantize, zoom, project, track folding, audio, process, plug ins, hit points, realtime processing - create warp tabs from hit points, advanced - set definition from tempo…, media - open pull window, transport, show half level axes…

Is there a particular place or time that i am supposed to be right clicking from. Sorry to keep asking but this facility is the main reason for my upgrade, really keen to sort this out.

And as said already twice, right click there.
And re-check, you indeed have Cubase 6

Sorry, I sense your impatience with me but as I said in my last post, if i right click in there my choices are:
range selection
then below those:
advanced quantize
track folding
plug ins
hit points
realtime processing - create warp tabs from hit points
advanced - set definition from tempo…
media - open pull window
show half level axes…
No mention of Variaudio

The version is 6.0.4 so I assume it should be there.

You are right clicking on the wave form - you should right click on the inspector, the part on the left, you (and I think me too :wink: ) already mentioned…