Where's my WaveLab Lite

I just purchased a Ci2+ which was supposed to include Cubase AI and WaveLab lite - my package contained Cubase Essentials and no Wavelab (and no activiation code).

I decided on the + version as I wanted Wavelab and I needed a new audio interface - I don’t require Cubase AI as I have the full version of Cubase 6.5.

The interface is installed and works wonderfully, but I want my copy of Wavelab - how do I obtain it and it’s activation code. (I’ve sent this request to Steinberg Support as well, but thought I might get a response here faster).

Many thanks

Denis Salois

I’d guess it depends where you ordered it from. If you bought a version from Ebay, then I don’t know that there is any way to obtain a copy aside from contacting support as you already did.

Thanks for your reply Bane. I purchased it in Canada from my local music dealer. I suspect it is an older package, and I don’t particularly want to return it as the interface works fine.

I’m hoping that it can be downloaded from the Steinberg site. I guess I’ll wait and see what support has to say …


Let me feel you in. There is very little (if anything) that Wavelab LE can do that Cubase 6.5 cannot do.
The only reason to get it would be to learn the UI if you are considering upgrading in the future.

The reason I got it was a 50% discount on WL Elements. Users prefer Wavelab for those features found in Elements and the full version.

Thanks for the info Bane. Haven’t heard from Steinberg support, and have a feeling that I’m not going to. Oh well. The interface is perfect for my needs, and you’re probably right - Cubase’s internal audio editing is most likely all I require (at this point anyway).


Hello Denis,

You have purchased the CI2+ audio interface bundled with Cubase Essential 5 including a USB eLicenser. The newer CI2+ Production Kit comprises the CI2+ USB audio interface, Cubase AI 6 and WaveLab LE 7 at a different price point.

So, if you have a Cubase Essential 5 in the box of your CI2+ this is the former version just called CI2+.

Best regards,

Thanks for that Stefan. This is what I figured, although, it is a bit dissappointing as I based my decision on the ad on this site - which makes no mention of other versions of the Ci2+ package!.

Again, not a problem


Wavelab has some great tools for mastering and CD authoring that there is really no equivalent for in Cubase. If you already have Cubase 6.5, the older, lesser version that came in your package is worthless to you. To take issue with another post in this topic, the price point of the newer package you wanted is the same as the older bundle was originally. If you haven’t used the license code and registered the dongle in your package, I would think Steiny would have no problem trading with you. If you can persuade Customer Service to allow you to trade it in for a Wavelab Light license, it would definitely be worth your while.