Where's Robin?

I looked around for him – are you still here? I knew your username was Northwest something but the Search thing requires an exact match and I couldn’t recall it exactly. Just wonderin’ :sunglasses:

Hi, Douglas :wink:,

Robin’s username is ‘NorthWood MediaWorks’


Ah! Not D i c k Grayson then…
:open_mouth: OH! Holy Censorship Batman! That name isn’t allowed?
[ Dick Grayson ]

As twilight song asked:

Where is Robin?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Trying to dig out from under the winters snow?

Alive and kicking, but really busy with the other “work” life and as John said, digging out of snow more often than not. I’ve been grabbing a quick read now and then but didn’t have much to say lately…

But thanks for asking. :sunglasses:

I’ve been finding little time for Cubase lately too, which sucks.

Ahhh! ‘Life’!

Pfft, according to many organizations, ‘death’ is preferable.

Why is life prolonging it’s agony …

Okay then, next question: where the f*ck am I? :laughing:

This thread seems to be heading into the wormhole.

Robin! Please help! Save us! Word!

Wormest greetings to you all. :laughing: