Where's that secret menu that allowed you to route MIDI tracks to control Audio Track Parameters?

I remember coming across this in a YouTube tutorial but totally forgot how to find it… Maybe it had to do with quick controls…

But essentially it was a right click of maybe shift click initiated menu that allowed you to pretty much route MIDI control anywhere. I forgot how to do it because I haven’t been using MIDI much the past few years.


I think what you’re talking about is sending midi to audio effect plugins. If you look in the inspector on the right where you have midi input and output, in the output drop down menu you can choose plugins as the inputs for inputs. This is handy for midi triggered plugins like a vocoder, for everything else use automation.
The other option is in midi within studio setup where you can set up midi remote controls to allow things like a specific note on your midi keyboard to trigger record, play, stop and so on.

Thanks! I think the first thing you described is it

Still not finding it :open_mouth:

It’s driving me bonkers :confused:


maybe it was this shift-clicking on a Quick Control which brings up a menu… But I feel like there was a more in depth way of doing this that didn’t require the QCs.

Like if I wanted to control multiple plugins across multiple audio channels with one midi channel, this was possible… but maybe I’m mistaken in what I remember.


I’m starting to piece it together. I think the VST plugin to be controlled needs to support MIDI input. Thought QC’s popped up in the MIDI menu to, or there was a way to send MIDI to QCs.

If you shift click on a QC it gives you control input options for that QC instead of the menu of what can be controlled on that channel… and then maybe I had figured out how to link QCs so that one QC was receiving control input but the other linked QCs sent output to the desired plugin control… can’t remember, but I’m getting close.