Where's the 5 chord?

I’m still on Pro 8.5 but I assume this is missing in Pro 9 as well. When I go to enter a chord such as A5, it is nowhere to be found in the Chord Track menu or Chord Pads presets, yet, it does appear on the on-board pads of Halion SE such as in the Trip preset called “Arps & Chords 2” …play those 4 pads from left to right and you instantly hear the familiar way that a simple 5 chord has been used in all genres of music sense the beginning of time. Could we just add this to future versions of Chord Track so that it’s readily available?

Most ppl, define a chord as at least 3 notes (though some define it as 2 notes) so perhaps they felt it doesnt qualify

+1 - I can use this quite a bit, I have many many tunes which calls for 5th, or maj 3rd only.


Often when performing, at least on guitar, you will also include the octave. So a 5 chord will be played with Root, 5th and octave. It gives a more full sound.

The fact of the matter is that 5 chords are practically in every rock song out there, regardless of what the definition of a chord is.