where's the 7.5.20 update?

Can someone please tell me where the update is please…been to the update page and all I can see is the 7.5.10 update…

thank you, Kevin

Probably too early yet

As I have noticed since the last updates: it is regularly not available before 13:00 GMT.


Nothing worse than waiting outside the shop waiting for it to open lol I mean we want it one second after midnight
god dam it!

Sometimes it is late in the afternoon. Takes some getting used to.
If Steinberg says update will be such and such day, then best to set your mental clock for the next day

Let them get their coats off!!

To be honest I was having a sneaky look for it myself. :smiley:

Reminds me of an exam board a few years ago - they announced the coursework would be available on a given date, when it didn’t appear during the day I emailed them. The reply was “the day isn’t over”, and it appeared about 11:50pm!

Given that it’s already in the can and up and running, it would make sense to automate the process and do it at midnight rather than wait until everyone in Europe and America are up and ready to overload the servers at 13:00 GMT?

Here it is - http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Cubase_7_and_Cubase_Artist_7/7.5.20/PC/Cubase_7.5.20_Update_win.exe


Haven’t tried it yet as I’m not at my music PC. Could also be 7.5.10?

Beat me to it.

No Sign of mac version grrrrrrr!!!


I#m actually loading Mac version 568 mb


Many thanks where did you find it!

I changed the dl path to 7.5.20.

I hope it really is 7.5.20 pls check it before installing.

nope it 7.5.10

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Oh dear I suppose we’ll have to wait! lol

Splash screen says 7.5.20 (mac) for me