Where's the best place to sell my gear?

Hi guys,

For reasons beyond my control I have to seriously consider selling my studio gear. I don’t believe Steinberg allows me to advertise in the forum, so any suggestions? I have everything needed to set up a first class home studio, including 2 Steinberg dongles and one iLok key. :question: :frowning:

Surely you have heard of eBay?
But, I am assuming that is not really the response you are looking for… :unamused:

I recently was forced to move and did a major sell off of studio gear. A lot depends on your specifics, where you live, are you moving ,etc. Ebay could work well especially if your location is remote and you intend to remain where you are. It didn’t work well for me at all: I had much more success just using Craigslist. I’d been a little reluctant to use CL previously as I’d been concerned about people coming to my place but since I wasn’t going to be there; no concerns at all. I was amazed at some of the items that I never thought I’d find a buyer for that I was able to sell including a

Kustom roll and tuck guitar cabinet
Fostex A8 reel to reel
Commodore Vic 20
Atari 520 ST
Sequential Circuits Drum Trax

and a whole lot more. I was right in San FRancisco ,which helped and I’ve always believed most musicians are a bit different from the general public; they just want the gear and no hassles.

I tried Ebay for a midi interface that I knew I could afford to take a loss on. Ebay takes alot of time and they purposely don’t make it easy by hiding the feature that would allow the seller to set a minimum price (you can find it,but should be right up front.) I sold an 8port midi interface for .99 cents, thanks to their constant relisting. Ebay could probably work well if you have time to devote to watching your auctions and every minutiae of the sale because there is always some jerkoff waiting to give you a bad review for something minor.

Anyway,good luck

I recently stumbled over a facebook group which I joined who’s sole purpose is to connect people who want to transfer musical gear with or without money involved. It uses a local eBay like site to link to so nothing is actually done on facebook except people are publishing teasers. Find one such group in your area or start one yourself. :sunglasses:

The sad fact is that pretty much nobody has any spare cash any more, since our leaders have decided it’s best to take (“tax”) our spending money (“disposable income”) and give it to private banking corporations. A local music shop owner told me straight up he might as well give away cash as offer to trade-in anything, and the most he would offer on some as-new amps I have to dispose of was 25% of the current recommended retail price (RRP = ~150%-200% street); in other words, for a $1000 amp in store-front condition I could expect about $125.

If barter is not an option for you and you really need cash, then be prepared for a shock, and take whatever you can get now, because if you wait, you’ll get even less – or no offers at all.

:drool: – OT, sorry!

Where are you? You have to keep in mind that regions are different and there is a lot of money in some areas ,at least here in the US. Also tax rates havent gone up, deductions are largely unchanged just the economy is slow going (especially regional).No comment on your views regarding banks; I dont agree. You can still sell equipment for s decent return at least here in California and certain gear still appreciates. My TB 303 is worth approx $400 more than 2 years ago and they steadily selling on Ebay.A shop owner make face challenges because people buy used online or CL.

I would just test the market , not over price but certainly not take whatever is offered unless under time constraints.You dont have to sell a $1000 amp for $125 unless you’re really, really remotely located

Hello Mr. M… you did say you’d sold a VIC 20? I know Soundman picked up on it. THAT was my very first computer in 1983. I can still see it’s basic running
10 print “Hello”
20 goto 10

Lol. I remember programming like that when in school.

I was thinking of closing shop too over the summer. Lost my drive, and decided to take most of the summer off from the studio. Needless to say, Autumn arrived and I am back in every week. Hopefully you are able to float for a while while things evolve.

Good luck

Yes, it was a Vic 20. I sold it to an Apple programmer who also had this as his first computer way back when.I think I got $75 for it which was about what I paid 30 years ago. I seriously thought I’d be trashing it. Depending on the locale ,there’s a lot of people with money out there