Where's the BUS?!

Hi all,

I’m a long time Cubase user on PC and recently started using my iPad a ton for making music. Naturally, i grabbed Cubasis 2. So far its working really well except one MAJOR thing. There are no bus channels?!? How can i organize a project and properly mix it without a bus? It’s literally impossible using any workflow i’ve ever used or even heard of.

Because of this, I’ve had to refund Cubasis and get Auria which kind of sucks because I was hoping to sync projects between PC and iPad and i’m generally used to the Cubase interface.

Are there any plans to add this functionality? Please do so!

Thanks a lot,

Hi Dan,

Group tracks are on the list, but it still will take some time until being available in Cubasis.
The next update is in the making, and will add new features.