Where's the Group presets on OSX?

I copy the preferences to other folder and I trashed them. Then I copied the RAMpresets. But the group presets are gone.
Where can I find them?


My willingness to help is somewhat thwarted by the fact that I haven’t the faintest idea what " Group Preset" is?
Could you elaborate, please?


I founded… :blush:

Track Presets…

So, did you find the track presets?
On Mac, they are in /Users//Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Track Presets, so they shouldn’t have moved when you moved your Preferences folder. Try rescanning MediaBay. (or at least, the two Track Presets subfolders in there… just inside “Factory Content” and “User Content”)

Till now, no luck…

Are you referring to the factory track presets, or user-created ones?
In either case, try rescanning MediaBay completely.

User created…



What I was looking was the insert presets. That’s a pxml file: InsertsFolderPresets