Where's the Humanize function or similar in Cubase? (Logic Pro X user)

In Logic Pro X, when going into the MIDI functions module, there’s a preset called Humanize, which changes notes around a little bit in the piano roll (key editor in Cubase). Each time you execute it, it changes notes a little more. Things like velocity, note length mostly.

In Cubase Pro 12, I’ve been through the long list of presets in the Logical Editor, which on one hand seems to be much more advanced than Logic’s, but I didn’t find a Humanize preset. That works great for me in Logic because I don’t really know music, I’m trying to learn in a way that’s fun, and I learned quite a lot so far in a few months, and that preset in Logic gives me that perfect change so if I duplicate a track and want to make it more “human”, that would change one of them so they are slightly different.

I also can’t find a way to select a range of notes and set them all to the same length. There are presets to increase, shorten, and randomize notes, but not to set all of them to the same length. Does it not exist?


to slightly and randomly change start positions of a note you can use a quantize setting called “Rough Quantize”. You’ll either find in the Quantize panel or in the Key Editor directly (in the Quantize section of the left zone).

For changing position, velocity, and length you can use the Logical Editor but there is no ready made preset. Thus quickly make one yourself by copying these settings:

Value 2 = velocity // Parameter values are in ticks for Position and Length (by default 480 ticks per quarter note) // Feel free to change Parameter values at your leisure

Please note that applying this preset more than once could make your note events move really far from their original position. If you want to avoid this, create a macro…


Cubase furthermore can randomize these parameters also in real-time if you so desire.
In the Project view, select a MIDI or Instrument track and open the MIDI Modifiers in the Left Zone:

If you need more than 2 randomizers, go to the MIDI Inserts section and load the MIDI Modifiers as a plugin:

You can “apply” the random values by choosing menu MIDI → Freeze MIDI Modifiers

but don’t forget to disable the randomizers in the Left Zone after the Freeze.


Thank you so much!!

How about the note length? Is there a way to select several notes and apply the same length to all of them?

Sure, use the Info Line for this.


If you have several events selected the values in the Info Line are orange rather than white. Type in a value and hold down Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) when pressing the Enter key.
Just pressing Enter will apply releative changes to all selected events. Ctrl/Cmd+Enter will apply absolute changes.


Niiiice! I’m liking Cubase more and more every day.