Where's the Manual

Hello everyone. I just purchased a copy of Cubase 8 Pro. I may be overlooking something but where’s the manual? In my box I got the installation CDs, a few CDs for trial software, a quickstart guide, and the dongle but there was no manual. I checked on the installation CD and the PDF on there was a copy of the quick start guide also. I also logged into the Steinberg website and checked the page for downloads two installation downloads in there - no manual.

Again, I’m sorry if I’m missing something but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks for any help.


there is no physical manual for Cubase since Cubase 6. But the pdf manuals are here: http://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_cubase_pro_8&L=1

I think they will added to the installation in a later build, so that it gets installed along with the software.


Glad I’m not the Only one scratching his head…

Help/Documentation will show you all the various manuals.

My manual dissapeared! Under Help/Documentation I get the message “could not find documentation”. Where it should be located? Should I reinstall Cubase or is it enough to copy a file into the location?

Copying the missing file into the location should work.

I remember in C7 I edited the XML file called by the Help menu and added in documentation for my UR Interface as well as a few oft used reference PDFs. So it can also be expanded to suit your needs! :wink:

Whoa, I didn’t know the help menu was controlled by an XML file. That opens up some interesting possibilities. Thanks for the info. You don’t by chance recall the name of the file?

It’s named “helpdocuments.xml” and can be found in the Documentation Folder in the installation path.
Just copy - paste one of the existing sections and edit (preferably one of the unconditional sections) - oh, and of course deposit a copy of the PDF in question into the Documentation folder.


I checked the location and all the files seem to be there. Unfortunately only one pdf of the whole lot opens up when you click the top bar in Documentation. The rest opens up only when you click the actual file. What is broken and how to fix it? Any ideas?

If you get the error message about missing documentation files, make sure you have a valid PDF reader installed such ad Adobe Reader.

Or if you are annoyed by the 15 updates a week messages by Adobe, install Foxit reader and be done with it

A big +1 for Foxit.

I dumped Adobe Reader several years ago and don’t miss it one bit.

Don’t you mean Adobe Reader? Or has Adobe acquired Reaper aswell? :laughing:

+1 Here, too.


Where is the help documents (the other format) for example when you open the preferences page? There used to be a document you could click on that page that would explain every preference in detail.

Since C8 it vanished.

Or do I find it somewhere else? I found that preferences document a great help.

It’s in the manual.

…and even under “preferences.” Thank you!