Where's the maximizer plugin in Dorico 4?

It was the best plugin shipped in Dorico 3.5, but I can’t find it in Dorico Pro 4.

You’re right, it does seem to be missing. I’ll check into this and see what might have gone wrong.


BTW, is there some bitter reason why Frequency and Multiband Compressor plugins (available in Cubase) are not available in Dorico 4?

Yes, simply that we have not chosen to include them, but we may choose to include them in future.

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Unfortunately, by accident Maximizer and EnvelopeShaper are missing in Dorico 4’s plug-in-set but we fixed this already and in the next update they will most certainly be back.


Thanks for the following-up, Ulf.
I am looking forward to see the day when Frequency (a multiband EQ) and Multiband Compressor plugins are available in Dorico in the future, if possible.