Where's the save button for keyboard command window?

I’m new to Cubase, attempting to move from another DAW, going through the newbie videos.

a) Edit->Keyboard commands window allows you to pick a number of presets, but after closing the window and opening it again the former commands are in effect, i.e. ‘no preset’.

Where’s the save button??

b) After loading a preset, then pressing ‘Defaults’, the preset doesn’t go away!

And by the way, as a new Cubase user, allow me to rant about the official documentation. It’s so…shall we say, concise…as to be unusable. And not a screenshot in sight! The videos are better, actually they’re good, but one doesn’t want to use a video to quickly look up something you’ve forgotten.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

There is no Save button. If you select any preset, it should remain (even if it mayme shows “No Preset”).

Ok, but seems weird that the current preset doesn’t show up in the dropdown after being saved in a previous session.

Haha - the preset is loaded but it hides itself (no preset!)

This BUG has been around for many years and it occurs in most preset selection fields.