Where's the Thread Explaining Why The Hell...

There are 2 contemporary versions of Cubase? And why 6.5 isn’t an update? And when updates on 6.0 are going to cease (ha, rhetorical)? Why even release an update for 6.0? Seems like an absolute waste to have your team divided (in any proportion), working on two versions. Eff’n relax. Even coming back into this forum everything is confusing and scattered. It’s like a corrupt stretch of highway that is never free of roadwork. Some of the Steinberg whip-crackers must be real a-holes. Anyways, please point me to the thread where I’m sure this discussion has been beat to death.

You’re assuming that 6.5 and 6 are different products. They aren’t.

6.5 was a content pack, ONE re-specification, and several bug fixes and program updates that were later released for 6.

So, as of now:
6.5.2 = 6.0.6 + new comping tool + 2 virtual instruments + new VST effects.

The team isn’t divided as bug fixes are going to be about the same for both versions.

It HAS been beaten to death.

That would be in the SONAR forum.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Sort of like 1st class seating for updates. And of course the new comping tool couldn’t possibly be seen as a fix, right? In my universe, 2 “current” versions of the same thing is absurd and in some way, shape, or form…divisive.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not feeling passionate about this, but it is a significant tool in my life, and I’m going to share my thoughts, and hopefully gain some perspective from the rest of you faceless schmucks :slight_smile:

Btw, how is the new comping tool? They should sell it for us lowly 6.0 folk. $9.99.

Call it what you will.

Technically a “fix” is to make something perform to specifications. The original “specification” for comping in Cubase 6 wasn’t received well by many, but it worked to specification.

A better attitude than your original post indicated. It’s in the Music Lounge (if you and I are talking the same thread).

Couldn’t honestly tell you. Never used Cubase 6 yet. Own it and have it registered (Cubase 6.5), but still waiting for space to set up my studio. Don’t want to build computer until ready (dust and cat fur and whatnot).

I doubt that they spent that little time developing the comping tool…but who knows…

From a faceless schmuck :laughing:

The 6.5 update is a paid for set of new features/instruments and is entirly optional, If you don’t want to pay for the new “features” then you can just use the free update path. If you do pay for the 6.5 update the we are promised that the cost of the update will be deducted from the price of C7 if one decides to buy. That about sums up the C6.5 thread.

I nether condemn or endorse any of the above. :laughing:

Top of forum, ‘Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5 update available’ - 12 pages of discussion. Now that wasn’t hard… As for the new comp tool: it’s fantastic. I already liked the comping in 6.0, but 6.5 really finishes it off.

There aren’t 2 current versions, the only current version is 6.5, that 6 is still supported is immaterial as they are the same codebase hence no real extra cost to maintain, Steinberg did not stop issuing bug fixes for 5.x when they shipped 6 and most people took that to be a positive thing … weird to see people complaining about support for older products suddenly

Nothing for years and complaining already. :mrgreen:

And complaining about nothing. :laughing: :laughing: ALREADY! :laughing:

Friend, welcome. It’s no good complaining about something until you’ve decided what you wnat to complain about.
Telling the makers that they hvae it all all wrong already is just putting a “troll griefer” target on your back.

Now. What’s the real problem?

I often find it funny/ironic that the ones that condemn complaining and negativity are complaining and being negative. often, to a greater degree :sunglasses:

I bitched about the 6.5 update a lot, but since I got it, I take it all back, the 2 synths alone are worth the money.

If you haven’t already done it, then i’d do it, and not think twice.

but, you’re right. there’s no real problem. just a general consumer gripe and half-staged protest against revenue driven innovation. putting things out because they gotta get out now, when a little more time in development and testing would resolve the issues. it’s like purposefully manufacturing exterior paint with a shorter lifespan. but trust me, i do want them to stay in business.

so, yes, unnecessary thread. but i sure would love to see what my utopia would be like.

a few weeks left on a project, then i probably will. most interested in the new comping tool. although i should be into rehearsing more and comping less

The same ones tell me off for not complaining and being too positive. Heh. :mrgreen:

I forget which but they’ve either made a user option for comping behaviour (v6 or v5) in 6.0.6 / 6.5 or they are working on it for the next updates.

Also, the monetary aspect of this intermediate version, was explained by Steinberg. The cost for the consumer is essentially identical to the normal 4 to 5, 5 to 6, etc. upgrade scheme. It was just divided into two parts, just like the version numbering was (6 and 6.5).

Some call it that, v5 or v6 behaviour, but there’s a bit more to it in my view. But indeed, in 6.5 (NOT 6.0.6) you can either use the new Comp Tool or do without it, which more or less makes comping behave like it did in v5.

The OP coming out all guns blazing was a bit like one of those old Japanese soldiers still on an island in the pacific fighting world war 2 thirty years after it finished. :unamused: :wink: :slight_smile:

…and I’d sooner see “revenue driven innovation” than “fund-starved stagnation”. OP is obviously more used to the faceless schmucks and bullying trolls on another forum… :imp:

marshall law and country club mentality all rolled up into what is known as a forum. either way, i appreciate all that i gain and make it a point to help when i can. defensive or not. judgmental or not.

any reference to how long the upgrade fee will remain the same?