Where's the Thread Explaining Why The Hell...

Probably until C7, at which point and more than likely, you can upgrade to only C7.

(I.e. C6.5 will no longer be attainable, and a jump from C6 would have to be to C7.)

If the above is true then everyone will be getting 6.5 one way or another. Unless they plan on keeping the 2 separate, IE release 7 and 7.5 together.

It was mentioned by Steinberg in one of the threads, that the upgrade to C7 will be cheaper for 6.5 owners - by exactly the amount that 6.5 costs. So we’ll all end up with C7, having paid the same amount…

It actually said (assuming we are talking of the same thing) just that it would be cheaper. As far as i know they didnt say by how much by.

Yeah that’s what I thought. So it’s like I said, everyone will have to buy 6.5 at some point, the question is if it will be cheaper to wait for 7. It probably will be, considering you get to use the 6.5 features for a good year now if you upgrade.

It’s not exactly stated as the same amount, and Helge talks about ‘a price advantage’, but it is implied by this post from the marketing manager: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19787&start=175#p125745

I would have to agree the upgrade is worth it just for synths and MorphFilter. I have tons of synth and never thought I would use but I was mistaken. The Sound Cloud and Flac are huge tools also. But for 50.00 it is the cheapest thing on planet for even synths and filter.