Which Acount elicenser dongle belongs too ?

in a studio i’m operating (not mine,part time job but there for 10 years now) there is a computer with steinberg dongle,the owner has a my steinberg account from 2010 but there is nothing registered there.
i tried to register his dongle but it says the dongle is registered already to another account(probably long before 2010). the owner does not have any clue and he does not remember the old account he had. of course the dongle is legitimate and belongs to him with nuendo 5.5 license.(i think he started with nuendo 2 and updated since then)
now although not 100% necessary for upgrade(to Nuendo 6.5)he and i want to have access to the my steinberg account to manage the licenses etc.
is there a way to see to what account the usb dongle is registered to or some how retrieve the lost account and transfer to the “new” one (from 2010 )) )

IIRC, when I upgraded to n5 and 5.5 I had to use mysteinberg to do so.

Maybe open the elicenser center and look for info?

Really? I upgraded for him several time. From 4 to 5 then to 5.5 and I dont remember I had to login to my steinberg.he has his user name n pass of his “new” account written on the N5 upgrade activation code card.mmm.
I didnt see any info regarding accounts on the elicenser center…

Yeah, I guess you don’t remember, but activation codes for 5.5 and NEK were sent to people’s my steinberg. That is where we had to activate them.

You most likely have to contact support directly to find where the elicenser is registered.

Try here: info(at)steinberg.de

Maybe you can PM one of the mods here too.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Good luck!

Thank… It is helpful… Hopefully :wink: