Which Altiverb update is C10 compliant

My s/w version of Altiverb is still crashing C10.0.15. Which update for Altiverb does not crash? I dont want to update things unless needed.


Try turning off ASIO Guard for that plugin in the plugin manager.

I actually dont use ASIO Gaurd so its not turned on

I know this isn’t particularly helpful but latest version of altiverb working fine here - have you emailed audioease ?

Haven’t emailed them but since it’s a Cubase 10 issue I wanted to ask here

My altiverb also working fine in Cubase I had weird issues with several things after the last .15 update, but refreshed my preferences and everything is working better. Could be worth trying…

And do you mind me asking what software update / version of Alti are you running?

I think it is the newest version, but I can double check tommorow.

newest version here


Just checked now. Latest version: 7.3.3

somebody firgure it out how to solve this? Cubase 11 doesnt even read the Altiverb