Which are Cubase 10's factory instrument sets?

Hello folks,

I’m writing a Cubase course. But I have a dilemma. I want to recommend students to use specific presets, but through the years I have installed several instrument sets and libraries that are not part of the factory installation of Cubase 10. I´ve lost count.

How do I know which are the instrument sets and libraries included in a fresh new Cubase 10 installation?

I think all the “SE” items are part of this factory install, but for the rest, I’m not sure. And also, some of the content may be old, and hence, no longer part of Cubase 10. How do I know?

When I press the “all instrument sets” button on either Groove Agent or Halion Sonic, I see this list:

Groove Agent:
SE Studio Kit
Allen Morgan Signature Drums
Groove Agent ONE (this one, in particular, is al old set. Is it available in Cubase10?)
Laser Beams
Production Grooves
Beat Agent Rock Pop Tool Box
Beat Agent SE Kits
Simon Phillips Studio Drums (I know this one is not a factory set)
The Kit SE

Halion Sonic SE:
HSSE Artist
HSSE Basic
HSSE Hybrid


I develop software for a living and face similar challenges in my work. If I were writing a course, I’d try to get hold of another computer, or set up my current one for dual boot if no others were available, and do a fresh install of the version for the course. It’s the only way to truly know the stock environment a user will encounter. Alternatively, you could get something like VmWare to create a virtual OS to accomplish the same thing.

It might seem like overkill, but having a clean room environment that you won’t be monkeying around with in your personal music work allows you to make videos, take screen shots, reference the state of things, etc. knowing that it will be reliable for your students.