Which audio interface for PC, Windows 10 and use with Cubase 9.x

I’d like some insight into which audio interfaces work well with Cubase 9.x on Windows 10 64-bit pro ?

I’m considering an upgrade to my Focusrite Saffire Pro 14. The budget is up to £1,000 GBP

Hardware: Intel i7-6800k@ 4.2Ghz, 64GB RAM, Asus-X99-DeluxII motherboard with Thunderbolt

Use is in-the-box with a lot of virtual instruments, samples and plug-ins. Most projects are done with VST instruments. Occasional need to record vocals. Occasional need to record from hardware synth audio output.

I use MIDI all the time but I could get a separate MIDI interface if the audio interface didn’t have MIDI

Needs: Balance outputs to monitors, monitor/level control, headphone socket, headphone level control (software or hardware), phantom power, low latency, excellent sound quality (both for input and output to monitors), reliable, works well with Cubase 9.x

Would be nice: 2nd balance output for second monitors, MIDI in, NOT powered from PC, on/off switch

Ones I’m considering currently:

  • Focusrite Clarett 2Pre Thunderbolt
  • RME Babyface Pro
  • UAD Apollo Twin Mk2 Quad

Would like to know what these would give me over the Saffire Pro 14 (apart from the UAD plugins with the UAD one) ?

Any advice / tips / experiences / recommendations welcome.

Thanks in advance.