Which audio interface?

HI All,
i’m new to cubase and have the latest version of artist.
I have 3 keyboards a yamaha anx1, a korg extreme and a korg radias. all connected via midi to my pc.
Which audio interface should i use to record in stereo?


You will need to look for 6 “LINE” inputs, if you want to leave all 3 keyboards plugged in all the time.
The UR44C seems a perfect fit for what you describe.
I own one and find it great.
Similar option is the Scarlett 8i6 that might come a bit cheaper (often on sale), but the UR44C is nicely integrated with Cubase.

Note that both these options have exactly 6 LINE inputs, meaning you won’t have room left to plug an extra microphone or guitar, unless you unplug one keyboard to free some space.
It’s not an issue to my opinion, unless you plan on recording multiple musicians at the same time while playing all 3 synths also at the same time…

So the UR44C is probably the best match.
You could even save some money with the UR22C, but then you will record only 1 keyboard at a time, and will need to swap cables to change kbrd.

You might find also plenty of options on the used market! But don’t buy something more than a few years old (4-5?) or you might encounter unsupported driver issues.

Just to add to what @Y-D said. The first 2 inputs on the UR44C are high Z inputs meant for guitars.

Yes, but to be clear, that does not change anything.
Plugging a (line level) keyboard in those first two inputs will work fine and cause no issue.

My Roland kbd (RD-2000) is currently in this configuration, and I made a brief gain comparison.
Putting the gain knobs in the 30% position (on inputs 1+2) gives about he same gain as when using inputs 5+6 (with the gain fixed to -10dbV, see manual).
I also tested inputs 3+4 for fun, and the gain knobs are at 35%, roughly, to provide the same level.

This is all normal and as expected, considering the slight input stage differences of those 3 ‘pairs’ of inputs. (the hi-z inputs are 11.8db hotter before the gain knob)

Bottom line: UR44C is a great pick to feed 3 keyboards.

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I’ll probably go for the ur44c although the focusrite scarlet 8i6 was recomended by some dealers is cheaper and has more inputs. I’m afraid that the focusrite will give problems with my cubase. Any thoughts or experiences?

No, it won’t, but with UR44C you will get harware integration in Cubase, meaning you will be able to control the UR44C from your DAW. Is this preferrable? It could be.

I decided to buy the steinberg UR44C and got it for 270 euro.

Tx for the advice everyone happy holidays

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